When you’re on a straight road, does your vehicle pull either left or right? When you look at your car emblem on the steering wheel, does it look slightly off center? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re car is more than likely experiencing an alignment issue. You need to act fast and head over to your trusted Fort Worth auto repair shop, because if not, your tires will wear out faster than normal due to the imbalance in pressure applied on the tread. Last thing we need is to unnecessarily replace expensive tires prematurely.

Getting your alignment checked regularly can help in advance detection of worn out suspension parts to avoid a major repair bill when problems accumulate. Oakland Auto Repair is a one-stop shop for your alignment and any other vehicle troubles. Come check us out and see our Snap-On laser guided and computerized alignment machine. It’s state of the art and our ASE certified technicians will adjust the alignment back to the original manufacturer settings with precision and accuracy.

Did you know that hitting speed bumps or even curbs at fast speeds are almost surefire ways to knock your alignment off balance? If this ever happens, you might soon be asking, “why is my car not driving straight?” In any case, your friendly Fort Worth auto mechanics are here to help.

With experience and ASE certification under our belt, you can rest assured that all proper alignment procedures are completed accordingly, such as:

  • Placing vehicle on lift
  • Attaching computerized sensors to each wheel
  • Synchronizing sensors with laser systems
  • Making necessary adjustments based on computer readings
  • Retest vehicle

Depending on severity of alignment, some jobs might take longer than others, so we offer a courtesy ride to your nearby work or home if you do not have time to wait. Alignments are necessary to keep your car in good shape, so if you’re in need of one, don’t hesitate to contact your friends at Oakland Auto Repair to set up an appointment or even walk-in today!