AC Service


That Texas heat is no joke. At Oakland Auto Repair, we understand the importance of air conditioning because summer in the Lone Star State is no small matter. If your vehicle is just blowing air and if you’re asking yourself, “why is my car ac blowing warm air,” just stop on by at your trusted Fort Worth auto repair shop.

At Oakland Auto Repair, our mission is to keep you cool and comfy during the hot summer season. Our ASE certified technicians don’t just fill up Freon and send you on your way. Nope, they diagnose to make sure the ac compressor, electrical system, wires, belts, and hoses are all in tip top shape. We like to get the job done right the first time around because that’s what keeps our customers happy like they’ve been all these years.

If you went to another shop and your ac still isn’t ice cold, then drive over to the best Fort Worth auto mechanics around and get your car taken care of by an expert. We’ll make sure there are no underlying problems or leaks happening before we top off your refrigerant and have you shivering in your car. You think it’s time you got your ac serviced? Then contact us today and have Oakland Auto Repair get you fixed right up.