Transmission Service

The transmission is the medium between power created by your engine and the kinetic motion sent to the wheels. It is an integral part of the drivetrain and proper maintenance is needed to make sure it lasts the life of the car. Signs that a transmission is going bad can include grinding, hard shifting, or jerking motion when moving from idle.

Due to the complexity of the transmission with the seemingly infinite amount of internal parts, service or repairs and even replacement can be quite pricey. Your friends at Oakland Auto Repair will make sure you’re not overpaying for such a necessary service. Our ASE certified technicians, who adhere to manufacturer guidelines when servicing or repairing a transmission, handle the transmission service. The exact transmission fluid required by the vehicle will replace transmission fluid flushes. The wrong type of fluid can eventually lead to the transmission breaking down and be the root cause of unnecessary replacements costs.

Let the best Forth Worth auto repair shop inspect your transmission and service it completely and accurately to avoid any catastrophic breakdowns in the future. Transmission service is different for most vehicles and having an automatic transmission might not require as much service as a manual transmission just because automatic transmissions are regulated by a car’s computer versus manual transmissions are subject to human error.

Bring in your car and have the best Fort Worth auto mechanics check the gears and sensors and make sure the transfer of energy remains smooth and fluid. This internal energy creates a ton of heat from the friction and making sure the temperatures remain consistent and the internal parts remain lubricated with clean transmission fluid to extend the life of the transmission. Flushing the transmission with new, premium grade fluid is not all we do here at Oakland Auto Repair; we also add conditioner to further clean the internals of the transmission.

A transmission flush is not the only required service item required. Sometimes the issue is computer related like an overdue software update on some newer models can fix the issue. Regardless of the case, contact your friends at Oakland Auto Repair today to get your transmission serviced and have your car running optimally once again.