Cabin Air Filter


How long have you driven your car without a cabin air filter change? Believe it or not, some our customers have owned their cars for a few years without changing it once. Most don’t even know it exists! When you’re stuck in that Dallas-Fort Worth traffic, all the exhaust fumes pollute the surrounding atmosphere. Your cabin air filter is there to provide the necessary filtration to help you avoid breathing in harmful carbon monoxide gas and other toxins. Now image going years without changing that filter!

Oakland Auto Repair, your Forth Worth auto repair shop, can help protect you and your passengers from breathing in these harmful pollutants by changing out your cabin air filter. Our ASE certified technicians know exactly how to locate and remove and replace cabin air filters from cars of all makes and models. Most times, clients will overlook the necessity to replace the cabin air filter so our Fort Worth auto mechanics got you covered. If we see that the cabin air filter is indeed in need of change we will always look out for your safety and notify you.

Our atmosphere is polluted enough with all the nearby manufacturing plants and over congestion of motor vehicles on the road. Protect yourself and protect your family from having dangerous gases enter your lungs and cause serious complications later in life. Contact your friends at Oakland Auto Repair today and have your cabin air filter changed out.