Oil and Filter Change

An oil change is the bread and butter of maintaining your vehicle. Unfortunately, some people feel it’s the only maintenance required until a hefty repair bill comes their way. An oil change is also one of the most DIY maintenance methods out there. Sometimes, stripped drain plugs and seals, wrong viscosity of oil, and even incorrectly placed oil filters can turn a simple DIY, into a mechanical nightmare.

We always recommend having your vehicle tended to by a professional. At Oakland Auto Repair, our ASE certified mechanics will ensure oil and filter changes are done the right way, with the right OEM products. Not only will you be serviced quickly, you’ll also be warranty backed, which most DIY projects don’t offer. Just because you’re in for an oil change doesn’t mean we won’t check your car’s other fluids aren’t empty or dirty. We do this with all our oil change requests out of courtesy because in our experience, most people only tend to engine oil solely.

Come get serviced at the best Fort Worth auto repair shop around because we believe in not only quality service, but quality parts as well. Our inventory is complete with high quality industry standard parts and fluids, and OEM products supplement other parts if needed. We don’t believe in using low quality parts to maximize profit margins to keep customers coming back ever so frequently. The way we earn our keep is by doing the best work at the best price, that way our customers refer us to friends and family, not just have that customer come back time and time again.

If it’s time for an oil change, contact the best Fort Worth auto mechanics to get your vehicle serviced and get your back on the road in no time.