Check Engine Light


If you’ve dealt with that dreaded check engine light, you might have asked yourself, “why is my check engine light on?” Don’t worry; you’re definitely not the only ones. We have a ton of customers who come to us after getting their check engine light “diagnosed” for free at big automotive chains. These companies however just give you an error code that you can’t make anything of. The reason we pride ourselves on being Fort Worth’s best auto repair shop is simple. We use a sophisticated tool that connects to your car’s system and points us to the right direction of where the error reading is coming from. Then we get our hands dirty to confirm any malfunctions. 

At this point, we report any findings to you, this way you correct exactly what is needed and avoid costly replacements that might not even be necessary. The “free check engine light diagnostics” that you see around town only give you partial answers. Partial answers won’t completely fix the car. The reason being, any one of these error codes could be triggered by a number of malfunctions. The only way to truly discover what is causing the check engine light is by having an ASE certified mechanic get under the hood and physically diagnosing.

Believe it or not, some check engine lights get triggered because of an untightened gas cap. If we believe the problem to be minor, you can trust the best Fort Worth auto mechanics to be honest with you. Honesty is a main reason why our customers are happy with our work and recommend us to friends and family. No one should pay money for forgetting to tighten a gas cap!

If the problem is found to be more complex than that, rest assured we can get the job done right the first time, and beat any competitor price out there. We pride ourselves on our diagnostic capability and know you’ll be satisfied with the work. Our thorough diagnosis and computer analysis will pinpoint where the issue is stemming from and our unbeatable price and service will get you back on the road in no time. Don’t fall for competitor traps by fixing only what the error code dictates, because the check engine light could come back on and have you spending even more money when it comes back on a short period later. For any check engine light issues, contact your friends at Oakland Auto Repair today!