Engine Service

The heart of your vehicle is the engine. When most people think of engine repairs, they think of big bucks. Most of the time, they’re right. Engine repairs are some of the costliest repair jobs around, but at the same time, can be some of the most preventable.

Engines really showcase how far mankind has come along. They take us across cities, through the depths of the ocean, and even into outer space. It is rooted from engineering. With all that being said, it isn’t hard to imagine why it is of the utmost importance to care for your vehicle, because if you don’t, well it will be hard to get to point B. Among the internal engine components, the high temperatures and coordination with other car parts, it is crucial to have your vehicle repaired by a professional. Reduce your headache, reduce the total cost, and increase your car’s life by trusting the best Fort Worth auto repair shop around. At Oakland Auto Repair, our ASE certified technicians have skill and experience in motor components. No timing belt, no timing chain, and no oil leaks are too complicated for us to handle.

We have the best Fort Worth auto mechanics around to diagnose, repair, and provide maintenance for your entire engine needs. We stress the importance of maintenance to our customers because no one should have to endure the inconvenience of engine failure.

Over time, other engine components can wear and break down such as:

  • Ignition systems and wires,
  • Fuel pump
  • O2 sensors 
  • Distributor cap and rotor
  • Crank case
  • Water pump

Regularly maintaining these engine components can lengthen the life of the engine as a whole and help you avoid costly engine repairs, or even worse, replacements. If you’re having engine issues, contact your friends at Oakland Auto Repair today to avoid further engine problems. We’ll get you in and out with quality work at the best price.