Scheduled Maintenance

Have you ever taken a look through your car’s user manual? Don’t worry if you haven’t because most people don’t. It stays relatively untouched in the glove box for the entirety of the car’s life in most cases. If you’re one of the few people that have flipped through the user manual pages, then you most likely have come across the “scheduled maintenance” section. This section breaks down the mileage intervals with the necessary maintenance items for each interval. Staying proactive with this is an integral part to keeping your car running strong and avoiding costly repair bills.

At Oakland Auto Repair, we stay true to each car’s manufacturer guidelines. If at 50,000 miles you need an oil change, tire rotation, and new brake pads, you’ll get just that. Most car manufacturers have difference scheduled maintenance intervals with different services needed. No need to worry about keeping a list because our system is updated with practically every make and model’s scheduled maintenance. No need to ask yourself, “What’s on my scheduled maintenance.” We have the best Fort Worth auto mechanics who follow manufacturer specifications, and on top of that, we’ll courtesy inspect other vehicle components to make certain the car is in great shape.

Keeping up with your scheduled maintenance can be the difference between a car running strong at 200,000 miles and a car with a blown engine at 100,000 miles. Unfortunately, oil changes aren’t all that’s needed to maintain a vehicle. It’s better to pay in little increments over time than get stuck with a massive blown motor repair bill unexpectedly. Do your car a favor and contact the best Fort Worth auto repair shop around to have our friendly staff of ASE certified technicians to service your vehicle.