Pre-purchase Inspection

Looking to buy a used vehicle? Bring it to the best Fort Worth auto repair shop to inspect it before you commit to purchasing. Used cars are the best option for the budget conscious, but you never know the mechanical integrity of the vehicle until a profession ASE certified mechanic opens the hood and lifts the car and does a complete multipoint inspection. Most of the time, a Carfax is available to view vehicle service reports or past accident damage. However, these reports only contain information that dealerships report and leave out information that isn’t.

You need to know that all critical driving systems are in good condition before calling the vehicle yours. Every aspect of the car from the engine to the suspension, and smaller items such as hoses and wires have to be up to specification and in good condition. Your friends at Oakland Auto Repair want you to be confident in driving a safe and sound vehicle, especially if the vehicle is without warranty. Some dealerships or private sellers will temporarily fix a vehicle to get it sold, and some unfortunate buyer will be stuck with a major repair bill after the vehicle exchanges hands. We do not want that unfortunate buyer to be you.

We have the best Fort Worth auto mechanics around to perform a solid pre-purchase inspection to have you rest assured the purchase you’re making is a sound one. Since there is no step-by-step “standard” for spotting problems with a vehicle, it all depends on how comprehensive the check is to uncover any underlying issues.

Having your friends at Oakland Auto Repair inspect your vehicle before purchase could mean the difference between saving money and landing an unnecessary repair bill down the line. Contact us today and we’ll give you expert advice on your next used car purchase.