State Inspection and Emissions


By now, you may have heard of Texas’ Two Steps, One Sticker program. If not you can read about it here. This program basically combines your state inspection sticker and registration sticker into one. When you get your state and emissions inspection, all you receive is a physical copy of the report then the status gets electronically updated within the state database.  When it comes time to renew your registration, the system will check to see if the inspection has been passed, and upon payment of the registration fee, a new single sticker will be mailed out to you. This change has been effective since March 1st 2015.

When it’s that time of year, come get your car inspected by the best Fort Worth auto repair shop around. Our ASE certified technicians all have state certification to administer state inspections. State inspections are important to make sure your vehicle is safe to be driven. Inspections sometimes point out concerning items that the driver is completely oblivious to. This regulation came about to keep drivers up to date with their vehicle’s safety. If it weren’t in place, a large majority of the population would simply forget to inspect their vehicle due to life’s hustle and bustle.

Depending on your location and age of your vehicle, different emission testing will be administered. Emission testing is crucial to keep our environment clean of dangerous pollutants and gases emitted by some vehicles. If a car’s exhaust system is releasing too much carbon monoxide or other toxins, then it will result in a failed emission test. At that point, we employ the best Fort Worth auto mechanics to diagnose the problem and clean up exhaust coming out of your vehicle. When you’re ready for a state and emissions inspection, contact your friends at Oakland Auto Repair to get you taken care of.