The suspension system of a car is what supports its weight and absorbs and dampens shock to help maintain ride quality. Suspension systems have various components in three fundamental pieces:

  • Springs
  • Dampers
    • Shocks
    • Struts
  • Anti-sway bars

The springs are what receive the energy caused by bumps on the road and the dampers dissipate that energy. The anti-sway or anti-roll bars help stabilize the vehicle while cornering. The suspension system is an integral part to your vehicle’s ride quality. Depending on the vehicle, some suspension comes soft (think luxury cars) and some suspension comes stiff (think sports cars).

Maintaining your suspension will also help maintain the rest of the drivetrain and reduce overexertion by your car. On top of that, suspension maintenance helps tires last longer. If you hear squeaks or other noises, or even notice uneven tire tread, bring your car to the best Fort Worth auto repair shop to lift the car up and have it serviced. Our ASE certified mechanics will make the necessary adjustments or replacements to have your suspension system like new again.

Don’t wait too long and ride on a bad suspension system because it will lead to malfunctions in other surrounds parts. The suspension, like any other major component of a car, works best in synergy, so if one part is defective, it will cause strain on other nearby parts and lead to more defects. Contact the best Fort Worth auto mechanics today at Oakland Auto Repair to get your car’s suspension fixed up right.