Car batteries are built to last quite some time, but sometimes, we forget to leave the headlights on and come back to an inconvenient surprise. For some strange reason, those dead battery surprises come about when it’s too hot or too cold or when we’re in an absolute rush. But hey, it’s ok, because more often then not, you can just jumpstart the battery and be on your way. Whether you have a portable battery pack, or a Good Samaritan helped with jumper cables, or AAA came to the rescue; all that matter is your battery is back to 100%.

Now what if the car battery frequently dies on you even when your lights are off? That’s when you get it jumped and make your way to the best Fort Worth auto repair shop and have our expert technicians load test to see if it holds a charge or not. Sometimes, defective or low quality batteries can’t hold a proper charge, and our ASE certified technicians can easily find out if the battery is indeed in need of replacement.

We’re environmentally friendly too when it comes to disposing of old and defective batteries. The lead and sulfuric acid in these car batteries is very harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Our shop is an authorized Interstate battery retailer, so you can count on having high quality products and service for your car. We pride ourselves on being the best Fort Worth auto mechanics, so we have to use the best products to get you back on the road.

If you find yourself searching “how to know if your car battery is dead,” save yourself the headache and head over our way. Contact your friends at Oakland Auto Repair for all your car battery needs.