Fuel System


The benefits of maintaining a vehicle go beyond avoiding costly repairs. Did you know that fuel efficiency increases as well? Cleaning the fuel system removes engine gunk and removes debris and sediment deposits from vital moving parts. Without all this unwanted obstruction, the engine operates more efficiently and less gas is wasted. A clean fuel system also extends the life of your vehicle’s exhaust system too.

Not all fuel is created equal. Some small oil and gas companies do not have the resources to offer good quality fuel. By good quality, we do not mean the octane grade of gasoline such as 87, 89, or 93. We mean the way the gas is refined and delivered to the stations. The larger oil and gas companies such as Chevron and Shell add additives to their gasoline to increase the fuel cleanliness. The discount oil and gas companies do not. Over time, excessive low quality gasoline is what dirties the fuel system.

Cleaning the fuel injectors from deposits will correct the stream of fuel they inject into the combustion chamber. If the stream of fuel is obstructed, the fuel will burn poorly and decrease your vehicle’s performance. Cleaning the fuel lines and replacing the fuel filter are steps to having a clean fuel system too. In some extreme cases, we may recommend the fuel tank to be removed and cleaned internally to eliminate any deposits accumulated inside over time. At Oakland Auto Repair, we stress the importance of preventative maintenance when it comes to clean fuel systems as it helps save the environment and saves our customers money.

If you believe your car is running sluggish due to a dirty fuel system, bring it over to the best Fort Worth auto repair shop around and have the best ASE certified, Fort Worth auto mechanics take a look at it. Contact us today to clean your car’s fuel system to get you back on the road with better gas mileage.