Power Steering

One of the most taken for granted features in a car is power steering. There is a reason that two hands were needed to steer cars in the old black and white films. Muscle power was needed to steer from street to street. Thanks to advancements in technology, power steering helped us all from exerting unnecessary energy. Our power steering works so we won’t have to. Steering wheels since then can be turned with one finger, not that we condone such driving behaviors.

A pump with pressurized power steering fluid is what moves the steering system. Most of these pumps are belt driven, however, some newer vehicles are powered electronically. Pressurized hoses move the fluid from the pump to the steering gear in order to induce motion to the steering wheel.

The best Fort Worth auto repair shop is here to service your power steering by performing a full power steering system flush and replacing with clean, high quality power steering fluid. However, we won’t stop there. Our ASE certified technicians will check the power steering pump and all the accompanying hoses make sure the parts are in tip top shape, then add the necessary detergent and conditioner to clean the internals, and then finally fill the system with fluid based on manufacturer standards.

If you suspect your power steering is starting to fail, bring it over to the best Fort Worth auto mechanics to have it serviced. Some signs to look for are:

  • difficulty in steering,
  • loud noises as you turn the wheel
  • low fluid

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