Exhaust System


A properly working exhaust system eliminates two issues: harmful gases entering the atmosphere and a loud car. Now unless you’re driving a big turbo diesel truck or have a big engine project car you’re working on, a loud exhaust noise probably isn’t your cup of tea. At Oakland Auto Repair, our ASE certified technicians are skilled in exhaust systems and emissions to make sure your car is up to specifications.

The exhaust system has several components in place, and not just the muffler as most people usually think. Aluminum and alloy pipes help dissipate exhaust gas heat effectively and efficiently. The catalytic converter with corresponding sensors helps reduce any pollution the vehicle emits.

Mufflers and catalytic converters are usually the problem items when exhaust work is needed. When these go faulty, it means poor engine maintenance is usually to blame. Engine skipping and other engine inefficiencies lead to unburned fuel. This fuel makes its way through the exhaust piping and into the catalytic converters and all the way to the mufflers. The fuel remnants in the catalytic converters and mufflers overheat the interior coating of these parts and compromise the exhaust system. You ever ask yourself, “Why is my exhaust rattling” or “why is my exhaust so loud?” The rattling usually comes from the broken down coating inside the catalytic converter and the loudness usually comes from the broken chambers inside the muffler.

Make sure you bring your vehicle to the best Fort Worth auto repair shop to get you fixed up. We like to do our environmental duties by cleaning up the Texas air. Cars produce carbon monoxide, lead, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, phosphorus, and other harmful gases that enter the air we breathe every second. Oakland Auto Repair cares about the environment so if you believe your vehicle is having exhaust systems issues contact the best Fort Worth auto mechanics around to get you situated.