Roadside Service


If your car ever breaks down on the road, always know that Oakland Auto Repair will come to you to get you moving again. Most roadside breakdowns usually involve blown out tires or overheated cars. Leave it to the best Fort Worth auto repair shop to come to you and either plug your tire or even replace it. If it’s overheated, we can come out with our contracted tow service to pick you and your vehicle up and head to our repair facility and find out what caused the breakdown.

Our ASE certified technicians have seen it all, so rest assured we’d know exactly what is ailing your vehicle. If the repair is deemed to take a while, we’re more than happy to drop you off anywhere nearby to avoid waiting in our office for too long. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process and give the necessary recommendations to get your car fixed up and ready to go.

Keep us in mind if your car ever breaks down on the side of the highway or city roads and your premier Fort Worth auto mechanics will be there on your side. Contact Oakland Auto Repair for any roadside service needs.