Tires play a big part in the safety of a vehicle; however, most people neglect the proper care and maintenance for them. Tires need to be regularly checked for proper inflation and need to be rotated regularly at certain mileage intervals depending on manufacturer guidelines. Another tire maintenance item is wheel balancing. This is usually done after the placement of new tires, but can also be performed if the existing tires are contributing to road noise or shaking of the steering wheel as you’re driving.

Regardless of the condition, your friends at Oakland Auto Repair can handle anything related to tire maintenance. Your tire pressure monitoring system is malfunctioning? Your 50,000-mile maintenance calls for a tire rotation? You need new tires put on and balanced? You have a nail in your tire and need to get it plugged? Don’t worry about any of it, because your car is in the hands of Fort Worth’s best auto mechanics. Our ASE certified technicians will service your tire not only to the car manufacturer’s specifications, but to the tire manufacturer’s specifications as well.

As a word of advice to all our customers, we believe proper maintenance starts with you. Check the remaining tread occasionally on your tires and also check to see if there is any uneven wear. Uneven tread is an indication of a poor alignment or suspension issues. If you metal wiring is visible on the inside of the tire, bring your car over to us immediately as that is a road hazard and can cause a blowout while you’re driving. Stay on the safe side and let Fort Worth’s best auto repair shop keep your tires in optimal shape by contacting us today.